1. Managing Director
    Maverick winning Y14 NAC.
  2. Managing Director
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  3. Managing Director
    Double Gold Alex and Kira! And more medals for Charmaine and Raayan. Congratulations to Coach Michael and Coach Moheyman.
  4. Managing Director
    Coach Michael and Olympic Bronze Medalist Monika Aksamit.
  5. Managing Director
    Coach Michael and Alex. Yet another medal.
  6. Managing Director
    Go Kira! Go Kira! Gold Medal! Raise the roof!
  7. Managing Director
    Janna receiving one of her five gold SYC medals this season. Currently ranked #2 in the Nation in Y10WS.
  8. Managing Director
    The gang learning fencing from Monika.
  9. Managing Director
    Lances New Years Eves End of Year Workout. Everyone survived.