Salle D'Asaro, in it's current iteration has been in the south bay for 6 years. The owner and head coach Michael D'Asaro has been around much longer than that. Michael was a competitor on the US National Team for 27 years. He competed for the US in 2 Junior World Games, 5 World Championships, 1 World University Games, 1 Pan American Games (Gold Medal) and the 1996 Olympic Games. Since retiring in 1996 after the games, he moved to LA and started his coaching career. He has coached numerous fencers many of which have had successful careers in colleges such as Brown, Stanford, Columbia, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Caltech, and MIT just to name a few. 

Salle D'Asaro is named after Michael D'Asaro Sr or Stro as he was known and not Michael D'Asaro. Stro was one of the most decorated fencers in US History winning many national and international titles during his competitive career. When he retired from competing, he moved to San Francisco during the "Summer of Love" in 1967 and started coaching at Halberstadt Fencing Club. When he finally accepted a coaching position at San Jose State University, he launched the original Salle D'Asaro in 1973. Stro made many national champion fencers both in NCAA fencing and US National Team members. In 1980 he had 5 fencers in 3 seperate divisions on the US Olympic Team. 

The history continues at Salle D'Asaro. So come on in and be a part of it. We look forward to meeting you and training the next great US Olympian!

Michael comes from a prestigious fencing family which includes his father Michael D'Asaro Sr. (Stro) and Step Mother Gay Jacobson, both who made US Olympic Teams. After which Michael Sr. coached the 1980 US Olympic Team and Gay refereed the 1992 Olympics in Seoul. Among Michael's many accomplishments are:
1994 Olympic Festival Gold Medal
1995 Pan American Games Team, Mar Del Plata Argentina, Gold Medal
1995 World Championship Team, Den Hague, Holland
1996 US National Silver Medal, Individual, Men’s Sabre
1996 US Olympic Team, Atlanta, United States
2011, 2010 Coach of Montreal Wheelchair World Cup
2008 USA Paralympic Coach, Beijing China
2007 - 2011 Head Coach Cal Tech University
2006 Paralympic Coach, World Championships, Torino, Italy
Currently he coaches many top fencers in all sabre catagories from Youth 10 to Seniors. 
Michael D'Asaro Jr.
Lance has been in charge of our extremly successful youth program for 4 years. He was a very accomplished fencer in his own right. Lance was one of Michael's first success stories as one of the top cadet sabre fencers in the US before going on to get his B.A. in Humanities from Shimer College in Chicago. After which he spent his senior year at Oxford University in England where he was the 2009 British University Championship Silver Medalist.
​Jessie is the head coach and manager of our Pasadena location. Jessie has been coaching for 6 years as well as being one of the top US Referees. She is currently a B rated fencer. She graduated from Bennington College in VT where she started the schools fencing club.
Although a native of East LA, Jeff started fencing at prestegeous Brandise College in Boston where he graduated with a degree in Physics. Although Jeff still  competes nationally, his comittmitment to his students takes a front seat. He has been training and coaching at Salle D'Asaro for 8 years and is an intrigal part of our competitive program. 
Jeffery Cornejo